Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mel Gibson: Plagued by Demons or Healthiest Man on the Planet?

Have you ever gingerly walked across the patio on a warm summers day, stubbed your toe and suddenly let loose with a few choice curse words? We've all done it. And I don't need to tell you about the healing power of cursing, but now there is serious clinical research that suggests the momentary release of cursing helps the mind and body cope with pain. Swearing can actually act as a form of pain relief.

The study, published in America's Journal of Pain,found that those who cursed doubled the time they could withstand the "ice-water challenge" - how long they could hold their hands in a container full of ice-water.

The mechanism, the scientists say, is simple; swearing elicits an emotional response leading to what is termed "stress-induced analgesia", also known as the "fight or flight" response, along with a surge of adrenalin.

Cut to, Mel Gibson. If this serious scientific research is accurate (and we suspect that it is), then I am happy to report that Mr. Mel Gibson's profanity filled tirades are having a curative effect. Based on the volume and severity of his eruptions, the Mel Gibson we  once knew and loved should be returning to us any day now.

Mel is just a few curses away from complete happiness. Feel the healing power of every stinging sewage seeped syllable that spills from Mel's lips. Every outburst is one step closer to closure. Psychiatrists, step aside. Spiritual advisers: pack your bags. All Mel really needs is a couple more rage fueled rants and he'll be kicking all of you bums off of the payroll. The last laugh will be on you!

My advice to Mel Gibson is this: No more holding back!Let it all hang out Mel! Here's a little reminder of the head space that you need to get to:

Will you please stop coddling these people? No more Mr. Nice Guy! 

P.S. - Hey Mel, did you know that the original meaning of the adjective "profane" derives from the Latin meaning "in front of" and "outside the temple". It refers to items not belonging to the church. For example, "The fort is the oldest profane building in the town, but the local monastery is older".

Roy Fisker

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